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The Dominating Advice Business of 2012

Given the views of some our industry opinion leaders, the outcomes of market research and the experience ACC has had working with a range of advice businesses, we believe there will be three business models that will dominate the advice industry by 2012. These business models have been branded The Advice Centre Model, The Integrated Financial Services Model and the Advice Partnership Model.

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Grow Your Own People

The biggest ever Moss Adams Compensation and Staffing Study finds client demand outpacing talent supply. Moss Adams believe that advisory firms are as much in the business of recruiting and developing people as they are in the business of providing financial planning and investment advice.

From October 2007 issue of Investment Advisor Magazine

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Stepping Up

According to the 2006 Moss Adams Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms, advice businesses grow along a predictable path. As firms generate ever larger revenues, they evolve through five distinct stages, each with its own challenges and opportunities - and barriers that shrink profits and boost the workload as firms struggle to break through to the next level.

From January 2007 issue of Investment Advisor magazine

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Why Planning Fails

Most seasoned planners have experienced clients who failed to implement a well designed plan. This article, adapted from a newly released book by Scott and Todd Fithian, examines five key reasons for such failure, and how, through what is called the confidence formula, advisers can diagnose and improve their approach in order to reduce the failure rate.

Article from September Issue of (US) Journal of Financial Planning

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Back to the Future

A view on the future of the Advice Industry.

Undiscovered Managers/JP Morgan belive there will be five unstoppable forces that will alter the economics and structure of the advisory industry over the next five years. This report, published in July 2005, provides a view that in the US it will only be those businesses that are ably to grow to achieve the benefits of scale that will be able to resist these forces and continue to operate with the financial results to which they have been accustomed.

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2008 Moss Adams Financial and Performance Study of Advisory Firms

This year's study draws draws from financial and operating performance data from more than 700 independent advisory firms. The report marks the 14th industry review completed by Moss Adams since 1992.

A copy of an article from Investment Advisor providing an overview of the key findings of the most authorative study on the advisory business.



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