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Be the CLIENT Specialist

Advice specialisation makes sense – but not at the expense of the client.

It is certainly not practical, nor in most circumstances possible, for the one professional to be an expert in all facets of advice of a financial nature. So we see many of these professionals positioning their businesses as “Risk Specialists” or “Retirement Planning Specialists” or “Mortgage Broking Specialists”.

But I have not seen any individual or business position themselves as “Client Specialists”.

We therefore see time and time again clients who have not received advice that is fully appropriate to their needs and circumstances. This is mostly because the advice the client receives from advice specialists is limited to that which the professional is both qualified and comfortable in delivering.


ACC News

ACC has created a new presentation titled Bringing innovation into the advice industry.

This presentation is in line with the articles on innovation that will be a feature of GFM in 2013. This may be an appropriate presentation for your next conference or PD Day.


ACC News

This is the final edition of GFM for 2012. Our next edition will be in early February 2013.

We genuinely wish all our friends and clients a fun filled and happy Christmas, a happy and safe festive season and the best ever personal and business year in 2013!


Grow by design for a prosperous future

A recently released US Study highlights the importance of attracting new clients and managing expenditure in achieving sustainable growth under any market condition.

The 2012 FA Insight Study of Advisory Firms: Growth by Design found that a distinguishing feature of elite (Standout) firms was the ability to grow revenue without sacrificing owner income. These firms – the top 25% in each development stage as measured by revenue growth and owner income as a percentage of revenue – achieved up to 47% higher rate of revenue growth relative to their peers.

This superior revenue growth stems from these Standout firms simply being better at growing their client base than their peers. They are more typically motivated to grow in order to better meet the demanding needs of clients and shareholders.


5 client reminders for your screen saver

Typically all small business owners get caught up in the day to day “stuff” that needs to be done. Whether that is seeing clients, addressing client “problems”, dealing with service providers and product manufacturers, recruiting new employees and/or addressing the future of under performing team members, all these tasks result in some of the important guiding principles of a client centric business being pushed into the background.

So a reminder of those guiding principles on your screensaver or in a prominent position in your workspace can bring them out of the shadow. Our 5 BIG guiding principles are these:

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